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Shorinji Kempo Group
Reports from WSKO Branches
Moscow Branch, Russia / October 2011
- Contributor: Branch Master Alexei Rokitski

Alexander Kramar and Valery Karibyan- assistant Kuida Sensei
Almost a month has gone since the Shorinji Kempo Eastern European Regional Instructors Study Session took place in Moscow.

Emotions are cooled down and pain released our muscles heavy loaded during the practice.

All participants returned home happy and encouraged with new interesting knowledge.

Alexei Rokitsky tells about the plans of the training session
The Study Session itself was arranged by WSKO Headquarters and Moscow branch. Hombu was represented by Mr.Kaname Kuida (7th Dan). All organizational arrangements were accomplished by Head of Moscow branch Alexei Rokitski (5th Dan).

Around 60 people gathered together for Eastern European Regional Instructors Study Session: they were representing 4 Ukrainian branches and 4- Russian ones. Naturally, those members were presenting wide geographical coverage: Odessa, Kharkov (Ukraine), Moscow, St.Petersburg, Nizhniy Novgorod, Vladivostok, Stavropol, Krasnodar and many other cities of Russia, even a group of Shorinji Kempo enthusiasts came from Kyrgyzstan.

Explanation nuances
Important to say, that all those 60 people looked like a truly united team, working hard on developing their Shorinji Kempo technique level, absorbing important theoretical aspects of the School within the spirit of mutual happiness and friendship.

The Session schedule was pretty tough, requiring maximum involvement and hard work from Kenshis: practice - 6 hours a day, then course of lections, exams and potential branch masters seminar, etc, etc. So, everyone was working hard!

Kuida-sensei let Alexei Rokitski to teach basics during the session (Kihon), however he, himself was deeply involved into practice of difficult but interesting Shorinji Kempo techniques necessary to be acquired by all Shorinji Kempo instructors.

Jun zuki
Important to note, that winners of two European Taikais, Alexander Kramar and Valeriy Karibyan (Moscow branch) were assisting Kuida-sensei during the session, whose good performance level was several times evaluated by Kuida-sensei.

Kuida-sensei's style can be expressed as very efficient, sharp and extremely powerful, which very much liked to our Kenshis, thus practice itself turned into hard and intense work over the program technique.

Kuida- Sensei demonstrates the technique gatame
Another surprise for all of us was Kuida- sensei's manner to present theoretical part of practice. We already got used to the fact during recent few years that all lectures were very official, totally within the Organizational Statutes. Here we heard a lot of new interesting facts from Kaiso's life, on how Shorinji Kempo was developing from the very beginning, what difficult stages it had come through, we were pleased to hear good memories about outstanding Shorinji Kempo masters.

Needless to say, that Session itself was not only about trainings and lectures but also about strengthening friendship between our Kenshis. Within so short time frame, they could try boating over The Moscow river, visit sauna, enjoy delicious national Russian food in numerous restaurants, and even could take Kuida-sensei to the Moscow Kremlin's tour.

The event apotheosis became Friendly Party, so-called Sayonara-party, in one of the best local restaurants, located at the river bank.

We were singing karaoke all together, Kuida-sensei had several times asked for "Katyusha" song; dancing, even Kuida-sensei couldn't stay aside. Dinner was very delicious and many toasts were raised for Shorinji Kempo development that evening.

So, a month has gone since Shorinji Kempo Eastern European Regional Instructors Study Session, emotions are cooled down, branches got back to normal functioning.

Nevertheless, every participant already thinking about when and where we could practice again under supervision of true Shorinji Kempo Masters! Where and when we could get together for practice within a spirit of mutual happiness, happiness and enthusiasm, despite on difficulties and pain!




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