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Shorinji Kempo Group
Reports from WSKO Branches
Indonesian Federation / October 2012
- Contributor: Roy E Djoenaid - Public Relations

PON XVIII (National Sports Game)
Riau, September 9th-20th, 2012

The PON XVIII has just held in Pekanbaru, Riau Province on September 9-20, 2012 participated by 33 provincial sport committees and 43 sports in Indonesia.

President of the Republic of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was officially opened the PON XVIII on September 11, 2012 and closed by Vice President Budiono on September 20, 2012.

Shorinji Kempo match in PON XVIII was followed by 25 Shorinji Kempo provincial branches in Indonesia to fight for 14 numbers of game. Shorinji Kempo match was held from September 15-19, 2012 in Siak Sport Hall.

Opened officially by the Siak Regent Mr. Drs H Syamsuar, Msi in his speech he hoped that Shorinji Kempo could be competed comfortly in new Siak Sport Center and he said that Shorinji Kempo was the Riau Provincefs primary sport.

Beside the Siak Regent the Opening Ceremony was also attended by Mr. Drs. H. Alfedri, Msi (Vice-Regent of Siak), Mr. Drs, H Amzar (Siak National Sport Committee Chairman), Mr. Ir H Amin Budyani, MM (National Sport Committee Daily Chief).

The last game on number Woman Randori 51 Kg was the most thrilling match where Annisa Fitria from Riau Province fought all-out to win the gold medal. After 3 times matches extension for series she was really a Hero for Riau Province (the Host of PON XVIII) because that was the only Gold Medal that Riau Province got. Another Bronze Medal for Riau Province was got by Jupriadi Kartiko for number Man Randori 60 Kg.

The Big 5 of the winners are DKI Jakarta Province (3-0-4), East Kalimantan Prov. (2-4-2), West Java Prov.(2-3-2), East Nusa Tenggara Prov. (2-3-2), West Sumatra Prov (1-2-3).

The winners of this PON XVIII will be the candidates of the Indonesian Shorinji Kempo Team to compete in the Islamic Solidarity Games (June 2013) in Indonesia, International Taikai (August 2013) in Osaka.




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