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Shorinji Kempo Group
Reports from WSKO Branches
Monterey Branch / May 2013
- Contributor: Branch Master Kazuki Arita

On April 27th (Saturday), 2013, ten Kenshi demonstrated Shorinji Kempo at the "International Day" of the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, U.S.A. The participants were Mr. Mitsugu Mori (Monterey), Mr. Merced Rodriguez (Monterey), Mr. Kleto Hernandez (Monterey), Mr. Teegar Blasheck (Monterey), Mr. Michael Blasheck (Monterey), Mr. Armed Osman (Monterey), Ms. Raghad Osman (Monterey), Ms. Isabel Correia (Monterey), Mr. Yusuke Yamauchi (Japan Self-Defense Force), and Kazuki Arita (Monterey Branch Master).

The Naval Postgraduate School is a graduate research university operated by the U.S. Government (U.S. Navy). It was established in Monterey along the central coast of California in 1909. It grants Masterfs and Doctoral degrees in more than 60 fields of study. The students are mostly active-duty officers from all branches of the U.S. Military as well as U.S. Government civilians and foreign militaries of more than 60 countries.

"International Day" is an open house to general public in order to celebrate the cultural diversity of the countries at the school. Representatives from all over the world participated in this celebration with food and various demonstrations of culture, including dancing, singing and handcrafts, all performed by the students and their families.

The Shorinji Kempo demonstration was held in order to help Mr. Yamauchi to introduce Japanese Martial Arts as one of Japanese culture. He is an officer of Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force and studies in the MBA program at this school. He belongs to Japan Self-Defense Force Branch in Japan.

The demonstration started from 14:00. Arita explained about a simple concept of Japanese Martial Arts and Shorinji Kempo. Then, we showed Chinkon, Kihon, Hokei of Goho and Juho. Then, Mr. Yamauchi showed a couple of advanced kicks and ukemi from Katate nage and Bukkotsu nage.

During the 30 minute-demonstration, the audiences enjoyed watching and were very impressed with our techniques with sharp movement and big Kiai. This year, the embu by 4 youths and children (Teegar, Armed, Raghad, & Isabel) impressed the audiences very much. The audiences gave big hands to their sharp kiai and techniques.

The demonstration is a good opportunity for them to train spirit and mind. They told that they did not feel nervous during the demonstration even though they were very nervous before the demo started. They could feel confidence that the demonstration in front of many people is a good opportunity to practice and train their mind.

Moreover, I really appreciate their precious time, effort, and great kindness to join the demonstration. Gassho.




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