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Shorinji Kempo Group
Reports from WSKO Branches
Shokema Branch / May 2013
- Contributor: Branch Master Antonio M. Gomez Ruiz

Shorinji kempo and culture

Shokema branch, the Shorinji Kempo branch from Malaga, participated in the cultural week of CEIP Carazony School in the city of Coin, 35 kilometers away from Malaga.

On Tuesday 23rd April, Shokema branch gave a Shorinji Kempo workshop to students between ten and twelve years old from Carazony School. More than a hundred children attended the workshop which was imparted by the sensei Toni Gomez and the instructor Jose David Briseno.

Furthermore, on 24th Kenshis Paco Munoz and Tomoko Iwata imparted a Bonsai and Japanese calligraphy workshop to students between three and twelve years old. The workshop took place in a nice garden in San Agustin park (Coin), activities were developed during the morning and others students, teachers and residents from Coin were following the course of the workshop.

solidarity Martial Arts Gala

Shokema branch, the Shorijin Kempo branch from Malaga, in the most solidarity side of the Shorinji Kempo participated in the big martial arts gala which took place the last Saturday the 20th April in Carranque Sport Center in Malaga with charitable purposes to the spanish Red Cross (NGO). In this gala Shokema branch represented Shorinji Kempo among seventeen different martial arts as Hapkido, Taekwondo, Karate Shodokan, etc coming from several dojos and martial arts associations.

It began at 17.00 and had a great public assistance, it was a successful as much the meeting of a big group of enthusiastic about martial arts as the pourpose of the gala.

From Shokema branch atended Kenshis Francisco Munoz, Manuel Zapata, Almudena Fernandez and Fernando Diaz (4th, 3rd, 3rd and 2nd Dan respectively) who made a great exhibition that started with individual forms in group and ended with a spectacular and real Embu in group with helmet and chest guard.

At the end of the day the most relevant fact was the success of the martial art meeting with a good purpose.




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