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WSKO Reports

January 13, 2008
2008 Kagami Biraki

On January 13th, 2008, "Kagami Biraki" the annual first event of the year was held at Headquarters of Shorinji Kempo Federation / Kongo Zen Sohonzan Shorinji.

Shinshun Houe (New Year's Assembly) was held at Hondo from 9 am. It was the first New Year's Assembly for the new Representative Officer Takehisa Urata, who gave his policy for the New Year. He commended some leaders who have led their do-in for 45 years and for 40 years. New rank holders of Daihanshi and 8th Dan received their certificates on the stage.

Mr. Arai, giving an address
At Rensei Dojo from 9:30am, "keiko hajime (first practice of the year)" was held attended by around 1,000 kenshi both adult and children. Participants watched the DVD introducing the activities of Shorinji Kempo, and the opening ceremony started at 10:00am. Mr. Tsunehiro Arai, President of the Shorinji Kempo Federation (and also the Board Chairperson of WSKO), greeted the participants, and encouraged them to practice with compassion, thinking about themselves and also about the others.

After the address, the participants were divided into the children's group in Rensei Dojo, and the adults' group in Hondo. The theme of the day for the children was "Listen carefully, watch closely, and practice cheerfully." A Hombu staff instructor explained the meaning of kagami biraki for children to understand the event.

Following the practice, embu demonstrations were presented at Rensei Dojo. Shorinji Kempo Federation President Tsunehiro Arai and other hombu staff instructors showed embu, followed by female kumi embu, goho and juho hokei, introduction of techniques by Mr. Arai, and free kumi embu. The audience watched various embu of high level.

The embu-kai was held from noon, participated by 150 kenshi of 73 pairs/groups of children, adluts' kumi embu, solo embu, grou pembu, and parent/child pairs. To close the event, the official demonstration team presented their embu, giving the audience a tremendous impact.

Child kenshi pounding mochi
On Keidai, the front yard of the premises, mochi-tsuki (rice pounding) was performed to offer to the visitors. Children participated in pounding.

Visitors enjoyed freshly pounded mochi and hot ame-yu (sweet ginger drink), and also hot zenzai (sweet red bean soup, traditional winter sweet) with two mochi, red and white color respectively, color combination of celebration. At the canteen, zenzai were provided for free, and hot curry and rice and udon noodles were sold. Kenshi warmed their cold bodies with various hot drinks and foods.

Mr. Yoshihisa Miyano, who has been taking pictures of Shorinji Kempo from the very early days, gave us an exhibition as last year. This time he showed us some pictures of Ms. Yuuki So when she was a young lady wearing a beautiful kimono, celebrating the new year.

Shorinji Kempo Group New Year Party was held at Kodo from noon. Officers and supporters of the Shorinji Kempo Group celebrated the New Year.

Children in kaisoku chudan gamae


Practicing tan'en

Embu demonstration by hombu staff

Mr. Arai teaching a technique

Mr. Sakashita and Mr. Shimura, showing the techniques

Mr. Nagayasu, giving a lecture to children

Exhibition on the last year's event

Photo exhibition by Mr. Miyano

Executives on keidai; left-right Mr. Kenzo Yamauchi, Mr. Shunji Hagiwara, Mr. Kiyoaki Tsutsumi, Mr. Kiyoshi Makino

Instructors pounding mochi on keidai for visitors

Visitors eating zenzai

Pounded mochi being rolled



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