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What is Shorinji Kempo Instructor?

Teaching Shorinji Kempo is not a mere means of livelihood for a Shorinji Kempo instructor. Shorinji Kempo instructors all over the world are driven by much greater and nobler motivation than a mere earning of their livelihood.

Their motivations can be put into a variety of words, including one’s raison d’etre, meaning of one’s life, hope, dream, aspiration, and so on and so forth. While none of them is misguided, all of them must have been inspired in the minds and hearts of Shorinji Kempo instructors by the teachings and technique left by the Shorinji Kempo founder, Doshin So.

As advocated in the teachings of Shoriniji Kempo in the form of “Jiko Kakuritsu,” those who aspire to be instructors must start with consolidating their own life environment including securing the source of income.

And it is after their strenuous efforts and repeated opportunities to face others that the instructor aspirants can start instructing Shorinji Kempo, which is to be the practice of Shorinji Kempo’s “Jita Kyoraku” teaching, after they undergo and pass comprehensive inspections by the headquarters on their human quality, leadership, and knowledge.

All the Shorinji Kempo instructors today devote themselves to spread of Shorinji Kempo, relying on their own ideal and sustained by smiling faces of kenshi, their family members and friends as well as everyday dramas woven by heart-to-heart interactions.


What is Shorinji Kempo’s Branch?

Branch is a venue where one can receive trainings of Shorinji Kempo. The person in charge of each branch is called Branch Master who is appointed from among those who participate in and complete requirements of the training seminar organized by or entrusted by WSKO.

The main substance of the training given in a branch is essentially martial arts for the purpose of self-defense. But it encompasses a wide range of activities from actual combative actions to exercise-like movements to remain healthy. Instructions are given based on respective purposes and needs of participants.

Aside from physical trainings, Shorinji Kempo branches also provide philosophy and lectures to enlighten participants on their mindsets and values based on unique teachings of Shorinji Kempo.

Administrative cost of a branch is financed by membership fees and the branch’s finances are made public to its members.

What is Shorinji Kempo Federation?

Shorinji Kempo Federation assumes the responsibility of unifying all the branches located within a country. Launched when it receives approval of the WSKO’s Board of Directors Meeting, a federation is registered at WSKO as its Regular Group Member.

Its mission is to promote solidarity and cooperation across the boundary of each branch and executes study sessions, training seminars, and taikai on the national level.

About Authorization

A branch master, a branch, and a federation all require permission of WSKO to be launched. This is a means to maintain the standard of a group that carries the name of Shorinji Kempo and a same symbol mark/logo and to engage in social contributions as a united group.