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Protection of intellectual properties

Intellectual Property Rights and Trademark

Intellectual Properties of Shorinji Kempo
It is only through the proper management and protection of our various intellectual property that we can maintain One Unity Worldwide – Shorinji Kempo.
The teachings and the techniques of Shorinji Kempo and its educational system established by the founder, Doshin So, are the original and unique intellectual properties of Shorinji Kempo.
When used for commercial goods or when conducting any duties, the use of Shorinji Kempo’s name, logo, and/or trademark to indicate involvement with Shorinji Kempo qualifies as a use of Shorinji Kempo’s intellectual property.
Therefore, these items cannot be used or taught without permission.
In order to maintain and continue One Unity Worldwide – Shorinji Kempo and to save it from becoming more competition-focused or profit-focused, we must protect and manage these intellectual properties of Shorinji Kempo.

Trademark – Shorinji Kempo Symbol and Logo –
From 卍 (manji) to ○○(so-en)!

From the time of Shorinji Kempo’s founding (1947) to 2004, the symbol mark was 卍. In 2005, the new symbol mark was set as a response to its expansion throughout the world
(the emblem of shield with 卍 is still used as a symbol of Kongo Zen).

The Meaning of the Symbol Mark:
The center part of the symbol mark features two circles (so-en). One symbolizes mercy and love, and the other represents reason and power. The overlapping of the two circles represents unity.
The shields around so-en represent protecting truth, law, and justice. The four dots represent heaven, earth, yin, and yang found in the oriental philosophies.

The Desire Attached to the Symbol Mark
In Shorinji Kempo, it is considered that the state where all the elements represented in the symbol mark exist in harmony and unity should be the center of human thoughts and actions. This is the spirit of “riki ai funi (Mercy and justice cannot help others without power. At the same time, power cannot meet its full potential without pride and conviction)”.
○ is the ultimate form of the former symbol of 卍 that represents an auspicious omen, the origin of human life, and ever-changing space. Its circular movement became so-en.

* These marks are protected by Trademark Rights. Please contact us for permission to use