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What is shorinji kempo ?

One Unity Worldwide – Shorinji Kempo

There is only one school of Shorinji Kempo. It is the same teachings, the same techniques, and the same educational system everywhere in the world.

This indicates that Shorinji Kempo is not an organization to only teach and spread its techniques.

What Shorinji Kempo aims to do –
What the founder of Shorinji Kempo, Doshin So (Kaiso), desired to accomplish through Shorinji Kempo was and still is to establish peaceful and rich society (country). Realizing that the only way to improve the quality of society was through developing human beings who can cherish others as much as themselves, Kaiso founded Shorinji Kempo as a method of human development with its teachings, techniques, and educational system.

“Half for one’s happiness, and half for happiness of others” is the guiding principle of Shorinji Kempo.

“Half for one’s happiness” – believe in potentials and work to improve yourself (jiko kakuritsu/self establishment).

“Half for happiness of others” – using one’s strength for improving society and the situation of others (jita kyoraku/mutual comfort)

If one can use their own strength for others and cause joy and happiness, an even greater happiness will come back to them. This is the way Shorinji Kempo advocates and how we can live together happily.