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WSKO Online Seminar Official Class


We are pleased to inform you that we are starting new online seminar classes from June 2021. We hope to see many kenshi in the new classes.


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Participants are asked to watch the video of tan’en kihon hokei and tai gamae prepared on WSKO Channel on YouTube prior to the class.

Live classes will be given on Zoom, where a speech by WSKO President, Q&A session on the basic practice and techniques by Secretary-General Kazuhiro Kawashima, and hokei practice led by WSKO Instructor Shoji Arai.

Registered participants will receive Zoom URL prior to each live class.



(1) Live online classes are available in 6 languages.

(2) Once you complete signing-up, you can attend any Zoom class as many times as you wish.

(3) Zoom class participants can watch the video of philosophical lecture by Tsunehiro Arai sensei exclusively prepared for this seminar.

(4) You can obtain one official WSKO Study Session attendance record. (To be counted for your future Dan Examination)

Note: You can attend two or more Zoom classes as you wish, but your attendances will be counted as one attendance at an official WSKO Study Session.


Special Feature

In this seminar (Official Class), participants will confirm the origin of Shorinji Kempo philosophy and the basics of techniques, and also to have answers to your questions you find during your regular practice.



WSKO active members only. Any rank or age. We encourage your participation.

Note: Contents of the seminar will be the range of the curriculum for adult Kyu kenshi and above.


Schedule of Zoom Classes 

Registered participants may choose and attend any live class with no extra fee.


Time (Japan time)

Japanese language translated into

2021     June 19

9 am – 12 pm


            July 17

16 – 19 pm


            August 28 

16 – 19 pm


            September 25

18 – 21 pm


            October 16

16 – 19 pm

English & French

            November 27

18 – 21 pm

English & Portugal

            December 18 

15 – 18 pm


2022     January 22

9 am – 12 pm



Sample Timetable of a Zoom Class

9:00 Opening, Speech by WSKO President Kouma So, chinkon-gyo

9:15 Kihon, tan’en by Instructor Kazuhiro Kawashima

9:50 Hokei by Instructor Shoji Arai

10:30 Philosophical lecture by Instructor Kazuhiro Kawashima

10:40  Technical Q&A session by Instructor Kazuhiro Kawashima

11:50 Closing


Participation Fee  (Japanese yen, PayPal handling fee included) This classification of A – E follows the WSKO Bylaws.


3,500 yen

Australia, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Qatar, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, U.K., U.S.A.





2,100 yen

Chile, Poland, Portugal, Spain





800 yen

Brazil, Malaysia, Russia





500 yen

Cuba, Indonesia, Laos, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Timor Leste, Ukraine, Vietnam





300 yen

Cambodia, India, Kenya, Kyrgyz, Myanmar, Tanzania