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Event Calendar

December 26, 2017

Event Calendar


We will update information as needed regarding events hosted by WSKO and events hosted by Shorinji Kempo Group member organizations that can be observed or attended by WSKO members.



Please see here for the schedule of the WSKO Online Seminar.


Date Event Host Place
January 21 WSKO Online Seminar Official Class WSKO Online
February 11
Portuguese Federation: 32nd National Taikai of Shorinji Kempo 2023 Portuguese Federation Odivelas, Portugal
February 11 WSKO Online Seminar Official Class WSKO Online
October 7-8 2023 Shorinji Kempo World Taikai in Tokyo, Japan WSKO Tokyo, Japan
October 10 Special Dan Examination  SHORINJI KEMPO UNITY Tadotsu, japan
October 11-13 2023 Shorinji Kempo International Study Session WSKO Tadotsu, japan