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FY2022 WSKO Online Seminar for Project Japan 2023

 =Application Form for Open Class series = (registration closed for June 18 class)

Open Class (Japanese – English), live sessions using Zoom

The practice of Shorinji Kempo consists mainly of chinkon-gyo, techniques, philosophy, training, and samu, and its repetition contributes to human development. However, due to COVID-19, the activities of the many branches and federations have not yet been fully restarted. Therefore, we will continue to hold Open Classes in 2022 as part of our regular practice. The Open Classes will be mainly led by young instructors from WSKO Headquarters.We are looking forward to your participation.

(1) Eligibility
     Active members of WSKO. All rank and age.
Note: The content of the class (technical and philosophy) will be planned from the Kyu Kenshi curriculum.

(2) Class Date & Time, Instructors (planned)
Secretary-General Kazuhiro Kawashima and WSKO Instructor Shoji Arai will attend all the classes. 

Click the dates above and check your local time.
April 16, Sat., Time A 10:30– Chikara Shimura, Masashi Tomita, Satoshi Tani, Kosuke Nakai
April 16, Sat., Time B 16:30– Chikara Shimura, Masashi Tomita, Satoshi Tani, Kosuke Nakai
May 28, Sat., Time A 10:30– Yuto Kawashima, Kosuke Akimoto, Akira Kato
May 28, Sat., Time B 16:30– Yuto Kawashima, Kosuke Akimoto, Akira Kato
June 18, Sat., Time A 10:30– Chikara Shimura, Masashi Tomita, Satoshi Tani, Kosuke Nakai
June 18, Sat., Time B 16:30– Chikara Shimura, Masashi Tomita, Satoshi Tani, Kosuke Nakai
July 16, Sat., Time A 10:30– Yuto Kawashima, Kosuke Akimoto, Akira Kato
July 16, Sat., Time B 16:30- Yuto Kawashima, Kosuke Akimoto, Akira Kato 

(3) Timetable
Open Classes will be held twice a month (Time A and Time B) from April to July.

Time A (Japan time)        
10:30 Opening, Greeting, Chinkon-gyo
10:45 Warm-up, Kihon, Hokei, Q&A
11:50 Philosophical Lecture   
12:00 Closing

Time B (Japan time)
16:30  Opening, Greeting, Chinkon-gyo
16:45  Warm-up, Kihon, Hokei, Q&A
17:50  Philosophical Lecture   
18:00  Closing 

(2) Participation Fee (Japanese yen, including PayPal handling fee)
Note: The classification from A to E below is based on the WSKO Bylaws.

A 1,500 Australia, Belgium, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Qatar, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, U.K., U.S.A.,
B 900 Chile, Poland, Portugal
C 300 Malaysia, Russia
D 200 Brazil, Cuba, Indonesia, Laos, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Timor Leste, Ukraine, Viet Nam
E 150 Cambodia, India, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Tanzania

(5) Privilege
You can participate in the open class sessions as many times as you like with a single application.
(Please note that your attendance will NOT be registered, and certificate will NOT be issued for Open Classes.)

(6) How to Apply
1) Please apply with the application form above.
2) After receiving the application, the WSKO Secretariat will send you a PayPal invoice.
3) After confirming the payment, WSKO Secretariat will send you an e-mail confirming the payment.
4) WSKO Secretariat will send the Zoom ID to those who have completed the payment approximately one week prior to each class.
5) Attendance is limited to active WSKO members.


May 13, 2021

WSKO Online Seminar for Project Japan 2023

Please note the dates and time listed here are of Japan. Please check your local time in the sign-up forms.

Schedule 2022

Class Type


Sign-up form

Sign-up close on

To be announced        


To: Federation Presidents, Branch Masters, and Coaches
From: Kazuhiro Kawashima, Secretary-General, World Shorinji Kempo Organization

We have been informed that some scam e-mails have been sent mainly to branch masters in Europe on September 18 (Japan time) under the name of WSKO President asking them to wire money, which WSKO would never send. If you receive such messages, please ignore them. We will post this information on WSKO’s official website. Please inform your branch members to prevent any damage. For your information, the messages contain as below.
Thank you very much.

Kazuhiro Kawashima
World Shorinji Kempo Organization

There seem to be some types of messages, but they have the same points below.
– Sender’s address: presidentboard90234232@gmail.com
– Name of sender: Kouma SO Souma
– Messages: Asking you to write money to help WSKO board


The guidelines were partially revised on April 1, 2020, and the French language version has just been posted on the Branch Masters’ page.

Please refer to the outline of the revision explained in SHORINJI KEMPO UNITY Letter No. 19-SUTO-31, and read the guidelines.

To All Branch Masters and Kenshi
of the World Shorinji Kempo Organization

The restrictions by national governments around the world have been about the same so far, but now started to differ from country to country. Depending on the local circumstances with the COVID-19, some countries have lifted their lockdowns partially or allow people to go out conditionally, and economic activities are going back toward the normal state step by step. However, many countries still ban indoor activities. We will have to wait a little longer before we can fully return to our regular Shorinji Kempo practice. Also, the recent news reported mass infections occurred in China’s Wuhan and South Korea. These countries were thought that the virus was nearly eradicated.

On the whole, the COVID-19 cannot be eradicated easily; people’s careless acts may bring a possibility of a second outbreak, as wise people as you are well aware. You have been patiently staying at home for nearly two months with very limited freedom in your normal daily activities, in going to work, and in practicing Shorinji Kempo. To avoid wasting all these efforts, I believe what is required for us is calm assessment.

If you plan to resume your regular Shorinji Kempo practice, grading examinations, or various events, please check the guidelines below as the minimum conditions.

Each time I see the news reports on the tremendous work provided by health professionals and on the new medicines or vaccines being developed by medical institutes, I am assured that the current situation will not last forever. I believe you feel the same. Let’s all stay strong for a little longer to overcome the situation.

If you have any questions, please ask the WSKO Secretariat.


Kazuhiro Kawashima
World Shorinji Kempo Organization (WSKO)

[ Topics ]

1. Guidelines for Resuming Shorinji Kempo Promotional Activities Under this pandemic, WSKO gives the top priority to the safety and health of all the members, their families, and people concerned, because I am sure that this will be the base for our prosperity movement toward establishing the ideal society.
Therefore, please check the items below and give it a careful consideration before you decide to re-start your activities.
If you see any other matters to be considered, please give them your careful attention.

(1) Official announcements of WHO
(2) Safety announcement is declared by your government (the ministry of health or equivalent), or rules such as stay-at-home order or banned indoor activities are lifted or eased.
(3) If you are in a Regular Group Member (a national federation), please discuss in the federation and reach an agreement.
(4) If you are in an Associate Group Member (a country without a national federation), please discuss with the senior members of your branch. If there are neighboring branches, please also discuss with them.
(5) Agreement is made with the facility you use for your branch activities.

2. “Shorinji Kempo Group Channel” on YouTube Some videos of solo embu or lectures are posted on the above channel.
They are not educational materials but this channel is provided as supplement to easy at-home self-practice for kenshi in Japan.
Therefore, we do not plan to cover the techniques following the curriculums or to add subtitles in languages other than Japanese.
I believe that indoor activities are limited in many countries like in Japan. Planning and giving on-line training classes as you do in regular classes are encouraged.

(For Item 3, please read the e-mail sent from the WSKO Secretariat to Branch Masters)

To All Branch Masters and Kenshi
of the World Shorinji Kempo Organization

In many countries around the world, extraordinary measures such as border closures and home quarantines remain in order to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus. Many of them set the end of such measures to the beginning of May. We only hope that these harsh measures will end at the set dates. However, we do not see many good news and the possibility is high that they may be extended. Due to such circumstances, we wonder many of you are forced to live with less freedom not only to stop practicing Shorinji Kempo for a long time.

If there is any branch master or kenshi who is not well, we sincerely wish for speedy recovery.

If there is any branch master or kenshi who continues to work to support people’s lives, who is a healthcare professional, or who works in the field related to preventing the spread of the virus, we would like to express our deep appreciation and respect, and pray that they will keep themselves safe and healthy.

Under such a still difficult circumstances, we see wonderful activities; many kenshi are connected beyond their own branches or even country borders via online meeting applications or alike to stay together, exercise together, and cheer up each other. Some of you may already participate in such activities. Such wonderful efforts remind us that we have comrades of Shorinji Kempo in so many countries and continents, and that we can support each other.

What we need is to “Stay Home” for a little longer. All branch masters may have already been doing something for their kenshi who follow you. There may be some kenshi or their family who feel depressed. Even if it is via internet connection, or even if it is a short time, being connected to someone and doing physical exercise together, that would affect their minds positively, as a human is “Shin Shin Ichinyo” (Body and mind work together).
It would be wonderful if Shorinji Kempo can contribute to maintaining the bonds between people and their health.

Let’s believe that the human wisdom will end this pandemic in the near future. Then, let’s make the World Taikai next year an opportunity for many of you to talk about the wonderful power of Shorinji Kempo and its potentiality. For that purpose, let’s do our best now to maintain healthy body and mind.


Kouma So, President
Kazuhiro Kawashima, Secretary-General
and Secretariat Staff
of the World Shorinji Kempo Organization (WSKO)

Please read three topics below and contact WSKO Secretariat if you have any questions.

1. Operations of the WSKO Secretariat
Like many other countries, Japan where the WSKO Secretariat is located is seeing more severe consequences of the novel coronavirus, and its government announced the state of emergency recently.
Based on the declaration, the WSKO Secretariat staff has been working from home since April 20. However, we have re-arranged our network system so that the staff can receive/send messages at wskohq@shorinjikempo.or.jp from home every day.

Due to the temporal closure of branches around the world, we are receiving less registration documents and orders for goods, but please feel reassured; we are open for documents and applications by e-mail as usual, and for any inquiries.
However, please understand that we have stopped mailing the membership cards, Kyu and Dan certificates and learning materials due to the suspension of the postal service in many countries. When the services are back in normal operation, we will start mailing them in the proper order.

2. Special Dan Examinations in FY2020
Among the UNITY Study Sessions scheduled in FY2020, some have already been cancelled. The examinations scheduled in Japan have also been canceled for the time being. Please understand that we do not announce any schedules for Special Dan Examinations to avoid inappropriate announcement under the circumstances where many countries including Japan are trying to deal with this extraordinary situation.

3. WSKO Membership Fees and Examination Fees (SHORINJI KEMPO UNITY) We made an announcement on this matter on March 24, 2020.
We will send you the invoices as scheduled in the mid-May. If you have any request regarding payment, please contact the WSKO Secretariat.


To All Branch Masters

As announced in 19-SUTO-31 dated March 11, 2020, the Guideline has been partially revised as of April 1, 2020.
Please download the new version of the Guideline from the Branch Master’s page on this website.
Please also excuse us that French and Spanish versions require some more time due to our working conveniences.
We plan to send by post the new trademark images that have become effective with this revision to each national federation after the COVID-19 pandemic is over.
We still cannot talk about the future around the world, but we hope you will maintain your good health and overcome the difficulties the virus has brought to us.

To All Branch Masters and Kenshi
of the World Shorinji Kempo Organization

The COVID-19 has now spread around the world. All countries where Shorinji Kempo is practiced have confirmed the infection cases and many of the countries have been forced to implement hard measures to protect their people. If any of you, your family members or friends are infected with the virus, I would like to send my best wishes and pray for a speedy recovery.

We had organized a WSKO training camp to be held from March 26 to 29, 2020, at the headquarters of Shorinji Kempo in Tadotsu, Kagawa Prefecture of Japan, the town where Shorinji Kempo was founded, attended by 170 comrades of Shorinji Kempo from 20 countries, which did not happen to my great disappointment. Many countries have imposed lockdowns, and people are banned from going out; it is painful to me that many people around the world are forced to live in stress feeling uneasy. Even under such circumstances, on the other hand, I have had positive reports that Kenshi are practicing together connected each other from home via Internet, and actively communicating and cheering up each other.

Now is the time when we should spend wisely doing what is the best for respective countries and areas. Let’s believe and wait that the human wisdom will surely retrieve our normal lives back soon. When the time comes, let’s all work together again to promote Shorinji Kempo.

I look forward to meeting you again at the World Taikai and the International Study Session in October 2021.

Stay positive.

Kazuhiro Kawashima
World Shorinji Kempo Organization

The International Training Camp in Saint-Petersburg has happened during the first weekend of April 2019. It was the 6th instalment of the event that Baltika Brunch hosts annually under direction of the branch master Alexander Sofronov (4th dan). For three days, (5-7th April) the northern capital of Russia welcomed Kenshies from all over the country as well as international honored guests:Sensei Didier Camp (6th Dan) from France, Sensei Alex Tilly (5th dan) from Sweden, Sensei Kurt Kammerl (6th dan) and Sensei Manfred Birling (5th dan) from Germany , Sensei Seppo Ruusukivi (5th dan) and Sensei Timo Mäki-Kuutti (5th dan) from Finland. The seminars began on Friday (5th of April) in the evening and finished on Sunday (7th of April) afternoon.






Alongside the 6th International Training Camp, the first Russian Embukai has happened. In the morning of the 6th of April Russian Kenshi took part at the Embukai at the categories Kyu-Kenshi and Dan-kenshi. The judges were the branch masters and key instructors of the main brunches in Russia and included Alexey Rokitsky (5th dan), Makoto Hamakava (5th dan), Anatoly Lukutin (4th dan), Alexander Kramar (3rd dan) and Anton Kozlov (3rd dan).

The first place winners of the Russian Embukai are Natalia Sotnikova and Igor Titov (Baltika Brunch) – category Dan-kenshi; Alexander Semchenko and Eugeny Khukhryantsky (Moscow Brunch) – category Kyu-Kenshi.

The Seminar and Russian Embukai have been included into the program of events that celebrates cross-cultural Year of cooperation between Russia and Japan and became part of the 19th Festival «Japanese Spring in Saint-Petersburg» organized by Japanese embassy. For the award ceremony Russian Embukai has been delighted to welcome the general consul of Japan in Saint-Petersburg – Mr. Yasumasa Iijima. 

For russian Kenshis and Senseis it was, as always, a remarkable experience that boost their motivation and confidence to deepen their knowledge in Shorinji Kempo, to connect more with like-minded people from all over the world, to contribute for the spreading of Kaiso’s teaching in their hometowns and for general development of Shorinji Kempo in Russia.  Russian Kenshis and Senseis are extremely grateful to international guests for their support and master-classes and hope to engage with more techniques and practices next year!