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February2015 WSKO Report

‘Sagrado Corazón’ High School from Malaga organized  the annual cultural week in their facilities. In this occasion, Kenshi Fernando Diaz planned a Shorinji Kempo exhibition for students from this high school with the help of others Kenshins like Francisco Muñoz, Almudena Meléndez, Manuel Zapata, Rafael Morilla and Felix Pastor.
21 students, among 13 and 16 years old, attended this event and due to the interest paid by students, there were 10 students that they couldn’t attended because space limitations of the practice room
They started speaking about the origin, goals and training of SK and the differences between Goho and Juho. Then, they explained the base and main features of the embu competition and they performed two different Embu exhibitions  by Almudena Meléndez , Manolo Zapata, Francisco Muñoz and the own organizer of the exhibition, Fernando Diaz.
To conclude, Fernando Diaz managed a small practice lesson for all the young students to show them this beatiful and complex martial art.

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