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Admission Guide

In Order To Study Shorinji Kempo

1. To begin your study of Shorinji Kempo, you first need to register at a World Shorinji Kempo Organization branch and become a member of World Shorinji Kempo Organization (WSKO).



  1. To practice Shorinji Kempo, search out a nearby branch.A branch contact list of WSKO registered branches can be found here. Individuals and groups that are not posted on the branch list but that are operating under the Shorinji Kempo name are unrelated to WSKO.


  1. Contact the federation or branch.


  1. Visit the branch and have an interview with the branch master. After obtaining permission from the branch master, complete the registration process. (After you have completed the registration procedures, the WSKO head office will register your information and issue a membership card).


  1. Receive the membership card from the branch master(this completes the entry process).


Rights of WSKO members

Can train in Shorinji Kempo under regular members or associated members.
Can participate in various WSKO hosted or approved events.
Can utilize Shoriji Kempo related facilities and teaching materials.

Regarding Shorinji Kempo Qualifications

All qualifications are granted by Shorinji Kempo Shike.
Qualification examinations are conducted by accredited examiners through prescribed courses.

Regarding Shorinji Kempo Mentoring

In order to gather members through PR and to mentor in Shorinji Kempo, instructors must be qualified by meeting the requirements set by WSKO.