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Main Activities

World Taikai Hosting

We host a World Taikai and International Study Sessions every 4 years.
We dispatch instructors for short periods.
We conduct service activities in and for the communities we live in. 


Study Sessions

WSKO holds study sessions in many countries according to an annual plan.
Study Sessions contain not only the instruction of techniques but also teaching and coaching skills, operation methods, and so forth, to meet the needs of the participants.
The Study Sessions will last for 2 to 3 days.  
Many members gather from various locations throughout the host country.
Occasionally, some enthusiastic members even come from neighboring countries to participate. 

Training Seminars

According to need, WSKO hosts various training seminars.
Training seminars are obligatory for instructors, and essentially the contents are specially prepared for instructors to learn skills and knowledge to improve themselves as instructors.