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September2020 Information

To: Federation Presidents, Branch Masters, and Coaches
From: Kazuhiro Kawashima, Secretary-General, World Shorinji Kempo Organization

We have been informed that some scam e-mails have been sent mainly to branch masters in Europe on September 18 (Japan time) under the name of WSKO President asking them to wire money, which WSKO would never send. If you receive such messages, please ignore them. We will post this information on WSKO’s official website. Please inform your branch members to prevent any damage. For your information, the messages contain as below.
Thank you very much.

Kazuhiro Kawashima
World Shorinji Kempo Organization

There seem to be some types of messages, but they have the same points below.
– Sender’s address: presidentboard90234232@gmail.com
– Name of sender: Kouma SO Souma
– Messages: Asking you to write money to help WSKO board


The guidelines were partially revised on April 1, 2020, and the French language version has just been posted on the Branch Masters’ page.

Please refer to the outline of the revision explained in SHORINJI KEMPO UNITY Letter No. 19-SUTO-31, and read the guidelines.