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September 10, 2015

On July 11-12, 2015, the Shorinji Kempo Unity hosted the Shorinji Kempo Unity study session in Coral Springs, Florida, the United States. We had 88 kenshi from America, Canada, and Japan participate. The instructor for this session was Kazuhiro Kawashima, Shorinji Kempo Unity International Instructor. Over the two days, we covered various items such as goho and juho based on the principles, applications of techniques with proctors, other techniques such as rakanappou, hokai lectures to learn Kongo Zen, practical seminars to improve as examiners and judges. We had two very productive and invaluable days.

The United States is a country with three time zones between the east and the west coasts, and it was a rare occasion that 30 branches gathered in one place together. We used this opportunity to hold a U.S. Federation Branch Master Meeting and Branch Master Qualification Certificate Seminar (7 individuals participated in the Qualification Certificate Seminar).  

Prior to the study session, there was a special dan qualification examination conducted by Shorinji Kempo Unity, and 4 kenshi received their 4th dan certificates at the closing of the study session.  

During the study session, we also had meetings concerning the World Taikai. This will be the first time the U.S. Federation will host a World Taikai. The Taikai will take place in 2017. More details will be available soon.

We thank the kenshi and the Branch Masters that joined us. We could not have a Study Session without them.
Also, we would like to express our gratitude to everyone in the South Florida branch who were so helpful with the event.


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June 16, 2015

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Please bear with us for just a little while longer. We will let you know as soon as the website renewal is complete, so we can again receive and publish your reports.

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Contributor: Monterey Branch Master Kazuki Arita

On May 8th (Fri), 2015, 8 kenshi of Monterey Branch joined in a Shorinji Kempo demonstration for “Language Day” at the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLI) in Monterey, California, U.S.A. The participants were Mr. Fumio Nishimura, Mr. Mitsugu Mori, Mr. Merced Rodriguez, Mr. Cleto Fernandez, Mr. Teeger Blasheck, Ms. Isabel Correia, Mr. Jeremy Diamson, and Kazuki Arita.

DLI is regarded as the world’s largest and finest language school managed by the U.S. Federal Government (the Department of Defense). It is located in Monterey along the central coast of California. The school provides resident instruction in 24 languages and dialects courses to more than 3500 military and U.S. Government officials, 5 days a week, 7 hours per day with 2 or 3 hours of homework each night. There are more than 3500 military and U.S. Federal Government officials. Generally, students spend between 26 and 64 weeks at the school until the graduation, depending on the difficulty of the language.  (http://www.dliflc.edu/index.html.) I (Kazuki Arita) teach the Japanese language at DLIFLC. I used to teach Shorinji Kempo at the gym of DLI in 2005 before the branch was moved into Monterey town in 2006.

“Language Day” is an open house to general public in order to introduce the language school and many languages and cultures. The Shorinji Kempo demonstration collaborated with Kendo demonstration was held in order to introduce Japanese Martial Arts as Japanese culture on behalf of the Japanese Branch having 70 years’ history at DLI since 1942.

First, I briefly explained the philosophy of Japanese martial arts and Shorinji Kempo while emphasizing that the purpose is not for fighting or entertainment, but for education and better society. Then, we demonstrated Kihon from Kaisoku-Chudan, and Goho and Juho techniques in pairs.

Although it was a short-time, the audiences seemed to enjoy watching and but were very impressed with our big kiai and sharp movements. This year, the embu by Ms. Isabel Correia (6 years old) impressed all the audiences very much. When Isabel did Gyaku gote, they gave big hands to her.

To participate demonstration in public is a great experience and opportunity for them to have strong mind and spirit. They felt less nervous and could show techniques in the same way as they usually practice in the dojo if they train to have strong mind.

I really appreciate the participants’ precious time, effort, and great kindness to join in the demonstration. We plan to continue demonstrating Shorinji Kempo at DLI in order to help spread the name and philosophy of Shorinji Kempo and the Founder Doshin So in the U.S. Gassho.

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May 23, 2015

The tournament opened up with 63 students participants performing meditation (Chinkon) which was conducted by Lisa U. and Dabo by Justin N. and Kihon basic practice by Thomas P.   Opening group kata demonstration of Tenchi Ken Dai Ikkei to Yonkei were demonstrated by all Black Belt students in perfect unison.  Three courts were setup for students to present their Kata and the importance of good Kamae (Stance), Kiai, Chosoku-Zanshin, Happo Moku, Breathing, Rhythm and Accuracy were further discussed with all participating students.
Several parents who actively participated as they are Shorinji Kempo students; Yamanaka, Dinh, Sophia, Thomas, Phi & Yukiko.  These parents truly lead by example!!!   First, second, third and fourth place results were announced in the Children, Kyu and Black Belt divisions. The students received medals and loud applause from the audience.  We also held oten yori oki agari contest where Noah Hoang won !!!!
Upon completion of the Shorinji Kempo Taikai (Tournament), advanced practice session of Goho and Juho techniques was conducted by Hagata sensei and Rastogi sensei. The Taikai closed with a Leadership Seminar which was attended by all of the black belt and several brown belt students.  We had surprise student guest Cindy Wong who recently was admitted to University of California, Berkeley along with another kenshi Songvy Nguyen.  Another kenshi graduating high school and heading to college is Alexandria Samuel.   CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THREE!!!!

1st Place Angeline, Nadalie, Kevin, Vanessa, Valerie, Kevin Q, Dinh, Haley, Katelyn, Christine, Nathan, Brandon, Gaganjyot, Noah Ho, Lauren, Nicholas, Tammy, Ichiro, Yulisa, Justin, Mike
2nd Place Eddie, Hannah, Bao, Sophia D., Allyson, Sarah, Jennifer, Jonathan, Noah H. Kelley Q. Phi, Anson, Emily, Liset, Lily, Lisa U., Corbin

3rd Place Ethan, Tien, Evelyn P., Nicholas T, Thien, Esther, Thien, Samantha, Logan, Lana, Musashi, Gladys, Sydni, Thomas

4th Place Tri, Sophia P, Jill, Cindy, Eric, Lily, Connor, Andrew, Yukiko
Shorinji Kempo Orange County Branch


This article is dedicated to all students and families who continue to give back to the community we live in.  Orange County Shorinji Kempo Branch located in Southern California students (Kenshi) lives “Half’s for one’s own happiness and half for the happiness of others”. On May 2th, 2015   23 Shorinji Kempo students and parents volunteered their energy to clean and paint the schools bathrooms and lockers at Bethune middle school.  Bethune’s vision has many similarities to Shorinji Kempo. Bethune’s goal is to have parents and teachers working in harmony.  To raise students who are socially and academically aware for creating a better society.

23 Shorinji Kempo students and parents drove at 7:15am in a caravan of cars to Bethune Middle school. Upon arrival we checked in and received water, T-Shirts and energy bars.  Located in Los Angeles, Bethune middle school has several 2 and 3 story brick buildings that require cleaning from time to time. Mike H. and Lisa U separated over 100 volunteers into distinct groups to challenge numerous paint and cleanup projects.  Much to a pleasant surprise, the school hand painted some Shorinji Kempo banners for us.  The Shorinji Kempo students Team #2 cleaned several floors, classroom lockers, painted bathrooms and picked up debris inside and around the school.  

The cleaning and painting moved like a perfect Kumi Embu (Pair Form) symphony of students, teachers and parents. Timing, accuracy, distance, speed and angle were some of the “key elements of Atemi” that described the 23 kenshi’s actions.   Speed seemed to be our biggest asset.  We completed many of the tasks in only a few hours.  Another great Shorinji Kempo community service event locked in time !!!! The pictures of the event speak for themselves.

The day ended with many of us going to the Avengers movie “Age of Ultron”.   We all have the power to change people’s lives in a positive way.  Students and parents lead by their actions which results in accomplishing great things in our community.  They are the ones whose actions truly speak louder than words!! The ones who lead by example for others to follow.

We are thankful for the many Shorinji Kempo students and parents who give back to the community through their actions!!  Connor, Dinh, Tammy, Mike, Lily, Lana, Thomas, Nicholas, Yukiko, John, Gaganjyot, Justin, Lauren, Nathan, Corbin, Yamanaka, Alexandria, Noah, Musashi, Sheri, Tri and Charles.

Mike and Lisa’s continued dedication to their Work, Family and Shorinji Kempo is one to be followed.


Pankaj Rastogi

Orange County Branch



April 28, 2015

Once again, Shokema branch contributed to helping the martial arts gala ‘Amako’, a non profit gala for a good cause, that took part on the 25th of April. This year the money collected was given to ‘Los ángeles malagueños de la noche’, an association that feeds poor people in Malaga city. The participants of Shokema, that were led by Toni sensei, made an amazing and tecnical exhibition that included all the main aspects of our discipline. The exhibition took place in Carranque sport center in Malaga, where Shokema has lessons on Monday and Wednesday from 21.00 to 22.30. Shokema association also practice every week on Tuesday and Thursday from 20.00 to 22.00, this workshop is realized in the bulding of the local goverment council in the disctrict of ‘Bailen-Miraflores’.IMG-20150425-WA0042 IMG-20150425-WA0045 IMG-20150425-WA0046 IMG-20150425-WA0048 IMG-20150426-WA0033 IMG-20150426-WA0036

April 20, 2015

Last April 12 the Shorinji Kempo Fifth National Children’s Gasshuku was held, spurred by the Portuguese Shorinji Kempo Federation, through its Technical Department, and with direct support from Oriental Branch in facilitating for the second time to this activity the access to excellent conditions of Basic School of Olaias. As has been tradition, this children seminar is exclusively and intentionally directed to the young Kenshi up to 12 years of age, while ensuring optimal conditions for Shorinji Kempo teaching, practice, and learning according to the specific characteristics of this population. Moreover, we privilege the contact between young Kenshi through the Shorinji Kempo, materializing one of the main features – Kumite Shutai (Paired practice is primary), and the principles of friendship, respect, mutual support, and cooperation. In addition, we aim that young Kenshi know about other Masters, Assistants, and Instructors and other Branch to understand the national reality in order to motivate them through the diversity of contacts and experiences. 80 Kenshi and 13 teaching staff between Masters, Assistants, and Instructors, all from current affiliates of the Federation gathered at this seminar, in its fifth consecutive year. Throughout the day many games were held, and many techniques and Tan En were learned and practiced. But most of all, we overcame the challenge put in the early stage – make new friends! All participants, later in the day, had developed new friendships and created new bonds that will continue to be deepened along the practice with other activities. The constant laughter and concentration of these young people and the energy of its strong Kiai foresee a beautiful future for the Shorinji Kempo in Portugal, and all of us will work so that these young people continue to like Shorinji Kempo and being best people through this singular martial art. One can not fail to point out a peculiarity of this seminar which was a novelty introduced by the Federation in relation to the Kenshi registration. Each participant had to ensure that part of her/his registration was held in foodstuffs to be distributed on the day to an institution selected by the Federation. The selected institution was Por1Fio – “by a thread” – (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Por1Fio-Associa%C3%A7%C3%A3o-Solid%C3%A1ria/374437659365747) that is dedicated to collecting goods from various categories to distribute for families and people who are literally “by a thread” in their lives with the difficulties that are going on. This institution, during that day, received between 140kg to 150kg of food (which we now know to have been spread over 8 needy families). With this gesture, the young Kenshi were able to see firsthand that a modest help makes a big difference when all come together, and that Shorinji Kempo is truly a form of social expression in the materialization of one of the most important maxims of Kaiso So Doshin “half for one’s own happiness and half for the happiness of others.” Later in the day the feeling could not be more rewarding and that of mission accomplished, and the votes that we turn to find the sixth seminar in 2016, where we expect even more Kenshi!

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