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February 16, 2015

February 15th-2015 Orange County Shorinji Kempo branch students lead by example with their action!! Their lives endow the best part of Ken Zen Ichi Nyo (Training both the body and mind to produce a well-balanced individual).  Through the help of Mark and Michelle of ABETTERWORLD RUNNING, 62 students and parents ran a 5Km/10Km today at Sunset Beach California.   This was an Orange County Shorinji Kempo branch sponsored charity event where we raised $1,077 for St. Jude’s Children Hospital for cancer.  Half for one’s own happiness, and half for the happiness of others.  To be inspired by Shorinji Kempo is great! To inspire others to be better is GREATER!!!! The pictures speak for themselves…
All students received a Shorinji Kempo medal for finishing their run.  The top 3 students received a Shorinji Kempo T-shirt.
5km Childrens Class, top three were: Claire T., Christine D., Brandon D.
5km Adult Class, top three were: Keaton B., Songvy N., Connor H.
10km Adult Class, top 3 were Mike H., Justin N. and Gaganjyot A.
Orange County Shorinji Kempo


Last weekend, the Downtown New York City Branch held our annual New Year’s party to celebrate the coming year and reflect upon last year. Ohashi Sensei generously hosted the party in his home in Brooklyn, and we enjoyed a warm meal and drinks together.

2014 was a year of continued traditions, such as attending the United Nations International School’s Japanese Spring Festival, where we have the opportunity to introduce Shorinji Kempo to middle and high school students around the New York City area.

It was also a year of big changes as our dojo moved to a new location in the spring to the Downtown area of the East Village in New York City. The space is clean and bright, and the area is a bustling locale of Japanese restaurants and small businesses. We have enjoyed the move and hope for more growth in 2015.

With the move, we formally renamed the branch to the Shorinji Kempo Downtown New York City Branch. You can now find us on Facebook, too.

We wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year and look forward to more opportunities in 2015!

Contributor: Jessica Kashiwabara, 3rd Dan

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