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What's New?

The documentary contains many scenes from “2017 Shorinji Kempo World Taikai in California, USA” and “2017 Shorinji Kempo International Study Session”, and it also shows events from “Blue Sky Campus in Tadotsu”.  Director John Braeley, who has traveled Japan and the US to document many martial arts, presents from his unique point of view the tense atmosphere of the world taikai and the smiles during the study session and the Blue Sky Campus events.

The film also includes comments from Yuuki So, President of WSKO, Takashi Osawa, Representative of Kongo Zen Shorinji, Kazuhiro Kawashima, Secretary-General of WSKO, holders of Dai Hanshi 9th dan, and many participants from different parts of the world.  The senior instructors who trained with Doshin So, the founder, share their memories of the master teacher in tears.  The participants of the international study session also express their thoughts and feelings.  This documentary shows you all about the Shorinji Kempo 70th anniversary events. 



1.     How to Buy   Please order it from website of the Empty Mind Film

2.     URL              http://www.emptymindfilms.com/

3.     Prices           Download – $17.99

                           DVD – $19.99(+shipping)

4.     Others          Director:              John Braeley

                           Copy Right:          Empty Mind Films LLC

                           Run Time:            60 mins

                           Also check “Warriors of Budo Episode Seven: Shorinji Kempo” released in 2015. 

                           A special announcement can be found on the correspondence from WSKO to branch masters.  If you want to purchase the products, please check the information through your branch master. 

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