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Mr. Anthony Maxwell, at the World Taikai Celebration Party, Tokyo, October 2023

He is the sensei of the young kenshi who won the travel ticket for the next World Taikai at the party of the International Study Session. Many would recall him as ‘the sensei from that time!’ Sadly, he passed away on December 8, 2023. We deeply regretfully inform everyone of this and pray for his peaceful rest.


On October 13th (Friday), after the International Study Session concluded, he moved from Takamatsu Airport to Narita Airport to prepare for his departure the next day. That evening, he collapsed in his hotel room and was urgently transported for emergency surgery (acute myocardial infarction, catheter procedure). Despite narrowly surviving, he spent about three weeks in the ICU and was permitted by doctors to return to India. Subsequently, his health fluctuated; already diabetic, he developed acute renal failure due to the effects of the acute myocardial infarction, leading to bacterial infection, ultimately passing away on December 8th (Indian local time). In Japan, the institution responsible for his reception, surgery, and treatment was the “Narita Red Cross Hospital” (Narita City, Chiba Prefecture). According to the attending physician, after being transported in an emergency, he briefly regained consciousness and adamantly refused surgery due to reasons such as being on the brink of departure the next day and being unable to afford the costs of the surgery. However, despite his resistance, the doctors persistently and tactfully persuaded him by stating that without surgery, his body wouldn’t withstand the flight and that his life was in jeopardy. He eventually consented to the surgery. On the day before his discharge (November 6th), I visited the hospital and confirmed that the treatment and hospitalization cost approximately 9 million yen (nearly US$65,000-). As his students in India had already collected and paid several hundred thousand yen to the hospital, he received clearance for discharge, and I bid him farewell at Narita Airport on 7th, the following day.

[Purpose of the Donation]

I believe many of you may have encountered difficult or sorrowful events in your lives. However, Branch Master Maxwell brought numerous Indian kenshi to participate in the World Taikai and the International Study Session, the most crucial events of the WSKO, amidst global inflation and economic disparities. Overlooking the unpaid fees owed to Narita Red Cross Hospital, which compassionately treated and saved his life, would contradict the moral values of WSKO. Therefore, we’ve decided to request donations from everyone.

The collected funds will be entirely donated to Narita Red Cross Hospital to partly cover the outstanding medical expenses of the late Branch Master Anthony Maxwell.

– Donations are on a voluntary basis.

– For individuals, a donation of ¥3,000 to ¥5,000 (equivalent to approx. US$30 to US$45) would be appreciated, and for groups (federations/branches), a contribution equivalent to ¥200 to ¥300 (approx. US$2 to US$3) per active kenshi is kindly requested. Your assistance, within your means, is appreciated.

– Some experienced travelers may have questions about his international travel insurance. He decided not to get insurance, judging that he was “healthy and on a short trip.” We cannot help but deem this decision as reckless when it comes to traveling overseas. WSKO learned about this after the surgery, and it will serve as a lesson for future acceptance procedures.

– Madras Branch is the only Shorinji Kempo branch in India.

Inquiries: WSKO Secretariat at wskohq@shorinjikempo.or.jp


January 2023

Shoji Arai, Secretary-General, World Shorinji Kempo Organization

 Heartfelt Thanks to Our Donors:

Listed in Order of Donations Received (titles are omitted. Display of donors by bank will take a few days)


Kouma So, Japan

Yuuki So, Japan

Shoji Arai, Japan

Hiromu Inoue, Japan

Hidemi Uebayashi, Japan

Hiroko Tomiie, Japan

Yoko Yamanokuchi, Japan

Alexander Miller, U.K.

Ichiro Aoki, Phillipines

Beni Sukawanto, Indonesia

Gofy Handikawati, Indonesia

Dede Everett, Indonesia

Hiroshi Kinugawa, Japan

Daijiro Jito, Hong Kong

Yoshifumi Matsumoto, Japan

Angel Diego Pacheco Reyes, Spain

Stephen Young, New Zealand

Vancouver Pacific Branch, Canada

Donostia Branch, Spain

Akira Matsuda, U.S.A.

Timothy Wright, U.S.A.

Manas Branch, Kyrgyztan

Douglas Beard, Germany

Orange County Branch, U.S.A.

Yukihiro Kawada, Japan

Tomomi Miyamoto, Japan

Akihiko Morinaga, Myanmer 

Hong Kong Dojo, Hong Kong

Jonathan Tak Shing Lai, Hong Kong

Keski-Suomi Branch, Finland

Paul Browne, U.K.

Masaharu Kousaka, Japan

Tokyo Otsuka Doin, Japan

Masao Hama, Japan

Kiyohiro Nakamura, Japan

Toronto Branch, Canada

Jeffrey Christopher Cruz, U.S.A.

Seattle Branch, U.S.A.

Portland Branch, U.S.A.

Christopher Page, U.K.

Clovis Tondo, Tanya Culp, and VanAnh Nguyen, U.S.A.

Gary Dolce, U.S.A.

Calvin Lo, U.K.

Wimbledon Branch, U.K.

Minesh Patel, U.K.

Massimiliano Gaffuri, Italy

I Wayan Utama, Indonesia

Yoko and Tsutomu Tanaka with Silicon Valley Branch, U.S.A.

Mariehamn Branch, Finland

Teo Soderlund with family, Sweden

United States Shorinji Kempo Federation

Koji Ota, Japan

Takashi Fujikawa, Japan

Amsterdam Zuid Branch, Netherlands

Michael Burger, U.K.

Monterey Branch (Kazuki Arita), U.S.A.

Katsuya Hirayama, U.S.A.

Alexander Kramar, Russia

Mitsuru Sakashita, Japan

Kenji Fukuie, Japan

Alex Huang & Fumiko Kawaguchi, Hong Kong

Kazuhiko Ayabe and Kawasaki Inada Doin, Japan

Jyvakyla Branch, Finland

Toshiyuki Hisamura, U.S.A.

Yasunari Tanaka, U.S.A.

Lise Townsend, Canada

Peninsula Branch, U.S.A.

Joaquim Pereira da Silva, Portugal

Swedish Shorinji Kempo Federation

Indra Wibisono, Qatar

Juan Luis Escot Romero, Spain

Sevilla-Linde, Sevilla-Giralda and Cádiz Branches, Spain

Brazilian Shorinji Kempo Federation

Tesuyasu Uekuma, Michael French, Fusako Shiotani, Natsuko Yamashita, U.S.A.

Satoshi Tani, Japan

Tadotsu Junior High School Shorinji Kempo Club, Japan

Narimasa Suzuka, Japan

Hiroyuki Nakai, Japan

Kyohei Hosoe, Malaysia

Yoshito Mizokawa, Japan

Mizokawa Taizi, Japan

Hämeenlinna Branch, Finland

Blenheim Branch, New Zealand

Duncan Binnie, New Zealand

Montreal Branch, Canada

Santiago Branch, Chile

Kari ja Veijo, Vihtavuoren Branch, Finland

Vancouver Branch, BC Tozenji Branch, and Creekside Branch, Canada

Dionisio Romero Díaz, Spain

Mt. Diablo Branch, U.S.A.

Amsterdam-USC Branch and Jaap Stahlie, Netherlands

Oeiras Branch, Portugal

Farroupilha Branch /Nanzan Dojo, Brazil

Naoki Kuneshita, Japan

Anders Pettersson, Sweden

Tony Tan, Canada

Amsterdam West Branch, Netherlands

Salvaterra de Magos Branch, Foros de Salvaterra Branch, Portugal

Jussi Korhonen, Finland

Ketut Ariadi Kusuma, Viet Nam

Wawel and Kraków Branches, Poland

German Shorinji Kempo Federation

Mariel Cambe, U.S.A.

Meyer Pesenson, U.S.A.

Jun Nakagawa, Japan

Atsushi Fujiwara, Japan

Kazuhito Morikawa, Japan

Tsuyoshi Takeuchi, Japan

Koji Asamoto (Aichi Kanie Doin), Japan

Koji Asamoto (Nishinomiya Hamawaki Sports Youth Club), Japan

Nishinomiya Hamawaki Sports Youth Club, Japan

Dar-Es-Salaam City Branch, Tanzania

Brazilian Shorinji Kempo Federation (2nd time)

Downtown Porto Alegre Branch, Brazil

Amsterdam Jordaan Branch, Netherlands

Swiss Shorinji Kempo Federation

Milano Sud Branch, Italy

Helsinki Branch, Finland

Juha Holkkola, Helsinki

Francisco Melo, Portugal

Toshio Tajika, Japan

Masahiko Fujita, Japan

Shimane Unnan Doin, Japan

Nobutaka Mukaida, Japan

Kosuke Nakai, Japan

Ogaki Doin, Japan

Madras Branch, India

Japanese Shorinji Kempo Federation

Portuguese Shorinji Kempo Federation

Carlos Ramires, Portugal

Melbourne City Branch, Australia

Darren Loiue, New Zealand

Karim Hamza, U.S.A.

Chikara Shimura, Japan

Indonesia Shorinji Kempo Federation (PERKEMI)

Hiroshi Onaka, Japan

World Shorinji Kempo Organization

Hajime Yahara, Japan

Total Donations Received: JPY 3,015,709-

We made a donation of full amount raised to Narita Red Cross Hospital on February 27, 2024, Thank you very much for your kind support.