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What's New?

Branch Masters,

We deeply appreciate your cooperation and support for the Shorinji Kempo 70th anniversary events.

We are happy to announce that the Shorinji Kempo 70th anniversary commemorative booklet “Kakehashi” has been completed.

This booklet passes on these commemorative events to the future generations, and we can look back all the history of Shorinji Kempo and its principle, and the present activities through this booklet. I hope you will read it with the kenshi of your branch.

We will give “commemorative DVD and pin badge” as special presents to those who reserve this booklet on this occasion. Please use the reservation form for your order.



 World Shorinji Kempo Organization Secretariat

 TEL:+81(877) 32-2577


Commemorative Publication “Kakehashi” Order Form