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March 31, 2015

The high school in Seattle area holds the Japanese immersion camp for two days during the weekend in spring season.   This year it was March 21 at Chief Sealth International High School in the West Seattle.

The students, who study the Japanese as the 2nd language, they experience the Japanese culture through a lot of different events.  Because of some good students evaluations in the past, we were invited this year again to demonstrate Shorinji Kempo.  One of female students participated this year again and there were three Japanese students who were here for two weeks.

First, I explained the courtesy before they experience Chinkon-gyo.  You may find the students attitude change in photos before and after this lecture… All of them are good students and serious about the Japanese culture.

Then, we practiced the basic forms by sole after I explained the uniqueness of Shorinji Kempo techniques comparing Goho, Jyuho and Seiho to teeth, lips and tongue.  The forms we worked out together were meuchi, kintekigeri, shitauke for goho, kotenuki for jyuho and nokatsu for seiho.

For a new kenshi, I always ask what they do if they cannot find a paper towel in a restroom.  Everyone shows to shakes her/his hands.  Yes, it is the secret of meuchi !  Everyone needs to relax the whole arms including her/his fingers and wrists.

To understand one of the characteristics of Shorinji Kempo, they also practiced goho pairing with others.  They stroke the opponent stomach with meuchi and the partner practiced shitauke.  Of course, they need their partners for jyuho practice.

As one of safe seiho experience, I also showed nokatsu at noko(脳戸), hyakue(百絵) and tenchu (天柱)so that they can refresh themselves after they study hard.

Finally, with a loud kiai, all of them tried tenchiken da iichi(天地拳第一)together.

I believe that everyone could enjoy Shorinji Kempo workshop in 1hour30min., and they became more fan of Japan.  I also hope some of them will join in Shorinji Kempo as kenshi in the future or remember mutual respect through this workshop.

Hiroshi Onaka
Junhanshi 6th Dan
Seattle Branch Master
Seattle Univ. Branch Master

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March 17, 2015

The 25th Portuguese Taikai gathered 150 Kenshi from seven branches, with childrens class being the most popular. In this ages only (who participated in the morning), almost 100 small Kenshi participated in Kumi Embu, Solo Embu or Group Embu, in a new record of participation from the younger classes.

The event organized by the Portuguese Shorinji Kempo Federation took place at Olivais Branch sports hall, belonging to ‘Externato João XXIII’, a private school in East Lisbon City, who has been an important partner of the Portuguese Federation for some time.

The public showed their interest for the childrens presentations and around 400 people (!) assisted happily in the morning session to tiny Kenshi from 4 years old, to more experienced youngers already Yudansha.

The audience and children were also very enthusiastic and vibrating with higher rank instructors presentations like: José Araújo Sensei (who was “thrown” to tatami by Martim Silva a four year old “tough” Kenshi…), Nuno Albuquerque Sensei (Group Embu and Waza with two of his assistants, Ivan and João), Joaquim Pereira Sensei (Randori with instructor Mr. Bruno Santos), Cristina Carriço Sensei and Carlos Henriques Sensei (with one of their high level Kumi Embu), among other instructors like Mr. José Ferreira, Mr. Sérgio Gaspar and a large group of Kenshi (from Paulo Silva Sensei).

The spirit was very high and strong among all Portuguese Federation branch masters (from Aljustrel, Carcavelos, Lisboa, Olivais, Oriental, Rato and Sintra), their Kenshi and families (who are extremely important with their support to Kenshi and teachers).

The unity among the leaders and all Yudansha of the Portuguese Federation is now better than ever, in order to continue to build a strong Shorinji Kempo in Portugal; and we hope to have a memorable year of 2015. Gassho!

José Araújo
Branch Master  Sintra Branch

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‘Sagrado Corazón’ High School from Malaga organized  the annual cultural week in their facilities. In this occasion, Kenshi Fernando Diaz planned a Shorinji Kempo exhibition for students from this high school with the help of others Kenshins like Francisco Muñoz, Almudena Meléndez, Manuel Zapata, Rafael Morilla and Felix Pastor.
21 students, among 13 and 16 years old, attended this event and due to the interest paid by students, there were 10 students that they couldn’t attended because space limitations of the practice room
They started speaking about the origin, goals and training of SK and the differences between Goho and Juho. Then, they explained the base and main features of the embu competition and they performed two different Embu exhibitions  by Almudena Meléndez , Manolo Zapata, Francisco Muñoz and the own organizer of the exhibition, Fernando Diaz.
To conclude, Fernando Diaz managed a small practice lesson for all the young students to show them this beatiful and complex martial art.

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UK University Branch Gasshuku – Edinburgh 2014

From 28 February to 2 March the annual UK Federation University Branch Gasshuku was held in Edinburgh, Scotland.
It was wonderful to see so many kenshi coming to the event from the University Branches: Durham, Edinburgh, Oxford, Southampton and St Georges. This Gasshuku
is always a happy and exciting event but this year it was even more special as there were special guests from Japan: WSKO President, Ms Yuuki So, WSKO Deputy
Secretary General Mr Kazusumi Ohara, and WSKO staff Mr Akira Kato. Ms So, Mr Ohara and Mr Kato flew straight on up to Edinburgh from London Heathrow to support the event. All participants were very grateful for them adding this event to their very busy schedule.
Alongside UBG Instructors Mr Steve Williams (UK Federation President) and Mr James Woodward (UK Federation Secretary General), Mr Paul Barnes (UK Federation Treasurer) and Mr Chris Lloyd (Oxford University Branch Master) travelled to assist with teaching kenshi. Mr Lloyd also provided excellent photographs of the event (shown below)!
On Saturday morning, Ms Yuuki So spoke to kenshi about the importance of the philosophy of Shorinji Kempo. It was clear that both kenshi and sensei appreciated seeing WSKO President an hearing her informative and engaging talk. Technical training was enjoyed by kenshi who were very happy to have the opportunity to practice together and learn embu techniques. Mr Steve Williams asked kenshi why they had started Shorinji Kempo and why they still do. Mr Williams emphasised the importance of making friends and helping each other and that he now has close friends that he would not have had other than for Shorinji Kempo.
In the evening there was a party and all the kenshi enjoyed singing to karaoke. Ms Yuuki So, Mr Ohara and Mr Kato came along and were very happy to be at the party.
Mr Kato showed his karaoke skill and sang with Mr Woodward and Mr Williams. Many kenshi joined in and it was most enjoyable.
On Sunday the gasskuku continued with emphasis on randori and an embu competition with all kenshi participating. Mr Steve Williams taught students that randori was a very enjoyable part of Shorinji Kempo and there were many smiles as kenshi trained together.
Event organiser, Dr David Lewis (Edinburgh Branch Instructor) added:
“Edinburgh branch were honoured to host the 2014 UKSKF University Branch Gasshuku, and to welcome instructors and kenshi from across the United Kingdom. We were also honoured to receive a visit from Shike (WSKO President), Ms. So. We had two excellent days of instruction, and forged new bonds of friendship between UK university kenshi. We would like to thank the UK instructors and kenshi, as well as our distinguished guests from Japan, for coming together to make the event a success.”
It was a memorable weekend and as the kenshi went to have a drink together to say goodbye to those traveling southwards, I heard a kenshi say to her new friend, “I am looking forward to the University Branch Gasshuku next year!”

WSKO President Yuuki So speaks to kenshi about the importance of Shorinji Kempo philosophy.

WSKO President Yuuki So speaks to kenshi about the importance of Shorinji Kempo philosophy.

Mr Steve Williams (UK Federation President) discusses the value of gasshuku and training to kenshi.

Mr Steve Williams (UK Federation President) discusses the value of gasshuku and
training to kenshi.

Kenshi from all over the UK training together and enjoying Shorinji Kempo.

Kenshi from all over the UK training together and enjoying Shorinji Kempo.

Mr. James Woodward (UK Federation Secretary General) instructing kihon.

Mr. James Woodward (UK Federation Secretary General) instructing kihon.

Mr Steve Williams shows kenshi how to correctly perform juho waza! Mr Chris Lloyd (Oxford University Branch Master) instructing kenshi

Mr Paul Barnes (UK Federation Treasurer) explaining important juho principles.

Mr Chris Lloyd (Oxford University Branch Master) instructing kenshi

Mr Chris Lloyd (Oxford University Branch Master) instructing kenshi

Mr Steve Williams shows kenshi how to correctly perform juho waza!

Mr Steve Williams shows kenshi how to correctly perform juho waza!

Chinkon gyo

Chinkon gyo

A formal photograph of all participants.

A formal photograph of all participants.

Every year there is a commemorative t-shirt for the University Branch Gasshuku and this year it was a very lovely blue one.

Every year there is a commemorative t-shirt for the University Branch Gasshuku and
this year it was a very lovely blue one.

February 16, 2015

February 15th-2015 Orange County Shorinji Kempo branch students lead by example with their action!! Their lives endow the best part of Ken Zen Ichi Nyo (Training both the body and mind to produce a well-balanced individual).  Through the help of Mark and Michelle of ABETTERWORLD RUNNING, 62 students and parents ran a 5Km/10Km today at Sunset Beach California.   This was an Orange County Shorinji Kempo branch sponsored charity event where we raised $1,077 for St. Jude’s Children Hospital for cancer.  Half for one’s own happiness, and half for the happiness of others.  To be inspired by Shorinji Kempo is great! To inspire others to be better is GREATER!!!! The pictures speak for themselves…
All students received a Shorinji Kempo medal for finishing their run.  The top 3 students received a Shorinji Kempo T-shirt.
5km Childrens Class, top three were: Claire T., Christine D., Brandon D.
5km Adult Class, top three were: Keaton B., Songvy N., Connor H.
10km Adult Class, top 3 were Mike H., Justin N. and Gaganjyot A.
Orange County Shorinji Kempo


Last weekend, the Downtown New York City Branch held our annual New Year’s party to celebrate the coming year and reflect upon last year. Ohashi Sensei generously hosted the party in his home in Brooklyn, and we enjoyed a warm meal and drinks together.

2014 was a year of continued traditions, such as attending the United Nations International School’s Japanese Spring Festival, where we have the opportunity to introduce Shorinji Kempo to middle and high school students around the New York City area.

It was also a year of big changes as our dojo moved to a new location in the spring to the Downtown area of the East Village in New York City. The space is clean and bright, and the area is a bustling locale of Japanese restaurants and small businesses. We have enjoyed the move and hope for more growth in 2015.

With the move, we formally renamed the branch to the Shorinji Kempo Downtown New York City Branch. You can now find us on Facebook, too.

We wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year and look forward to more opportunities in 2015!

Contributor: Jessica Kashiwabara, 3rd Dan

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