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March 31, 2015

The high school in Seattle area holds the Japanese immersion camp for two days during the weekend in spring season.   This year it was March 21 at Chief Sealth International High School in the West Seattle.

The students, who study the Japanese as the 2nd language, they experience the Japanese culture through a lot of different events.  Because of some good students evaluations in the past, we were invited this year again to demonstrate Shorinji Kempo.  One of female students participated this year again and there were three Japanese students who were here for two weeks.

First, I explained the courtesy before they experience Chinkon-gyo.  You may find the students attitude change in photos before and after this lecture… All of them are good students and serious about the Japanese culture.

Then, we practiced the basic forms by sole after I explained the uniqueness of Shorinji Kempo techniques comparing Goho, Jyuho and Seiho to teeth, lips and tongue.  The forms we worked out together were meuchi, kintekigeri, shitauke for goho, kotenuki for jyuho and nokatsu for seiho.

For a new kenshi, I always ask what they do if they cannot find a paper towel in a restroom.  Everyone shows to shakes her/his hands.  Yes, it is the secret of meuchi !  Everyone needs to relax the whole arms including her/his fingers and wrists.

To understand one of the characteristics of Shorinji Kempo, they also practiced goho pairing with others.  They stroke the opponent stomach with meuchi and the partner practiced shitauke.  Of course, they need their partners for jyuho practice.

As one of safe seiho experience, I also showed nokatsu at noko(脳戸), hyakue(百絵) and tenchu (天柱)so that they can refresh themselves after they study hard.

Finally, with a loud kiai, all of them tried tenchiken da iichi(天地拳第一)together.

I believe that everyone could enjoy Shorinji Kempo workshop in 1hour30min., and they became more fan of Japan.  I also hope some of them will join in Shorinji Kempo as kenshi in the future or remember mutual respect through this workshop.

Hiroshi Onaka
Junhanshi 6th Dan
Seattle Branch Master
Seattle Univ. Branch Master

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